Ladies who Shoot their Lunch Shiraz

Growing grapes, hunting for our table and raising a farm all help our family to truly understand this land. Inspired by Matt Fowles’ passion for hunting and gathering, our Ladies who Shoot their Lunch wines have been crafted to complement the textures and flavours of wild food. Vibrant in colour, intensely aromatic and fine in texture with pristine fruit flavours. 

Strathbogie Ranges 

2019 was an excellent year all round. Yields were very low and intense flavours developed across all varieties. We use a diversity of individual wines in barrel to work for this blend. The blending of this wine is always the most exciting event in our winemaking calendar, especially after our 2018 Ladies Shiraz was named in the Top 100 in the US Wine Spectator, we had a lot to live up to this vintage! 

This wine was fermented using wild yeast, with its slightly unpredictable nature, this builds more complexity in the wine. This wine was matured in various ways over 12 months as there are many components in the blend. Some parcels were matured in new and old oak, including 150-yearold English oak casks. The remaining parcel was maintained as a fresh fruity parcel in stainless steel.

Glass: $13

Bottle: $55